Welcome to our event in Marseille

The Marseille European Common Space for Alternatives of the 26-28 April, is based on a simple premise: “To challenge the far right and the neoliberalism, we need a social, feminist, antiracist, ecological, peaceful and democratic Europe”.  The event is organised using a bottom-up approach, giving everyone the possibility to express themselves and to organise discussions and actions.

So welcome ! Together, let’s make this encounter a milestone for change! 

All a program !

For this event we envisage a combination between an “Open Space” – where any organisation that respects our principles can propose self-organised activities or initiative – and “Containers” to build convergence of ideas actions, and agendas.

Online registration are close, but you can register in person at reception.

Our first event, 26-28 april in Marseille

Today, throughout Europe, we have a blossoming of mobilisations and social experiments that are exciting and enriching. At the same time, however, we are facing major and often dramatic challenges. While we have a large number of thematic networks in Europe, we no longer have a common space for all the social and citizens’ movements that would enable us to share our experiences and challenges and develop joint initiatives and mobilisations. Over the last two years, numerous meetings and conferences have provided an opportunity to discuss this absence and to make a modest attempt to rebuild this common space. Here in Marseille, we intend to bring together more people from diverse origins and backgrounds to the understanding of a caring society.

The ECSA : a broad European network

Aware of the richness of our numerous thematic networks, we deeply feel the need for a common space where we can share our experiences and challenges, and develop joint initiatives and mobilisations.

Over the last two years, numerous meetings and conferences have provided an opportunity to discuss this absence and to make a modest attempt to rebuild this common space learning valuable lessons from the past.

We intend to bring together more social and citizens’ movements, as well as individuals, from diverse origins and backgrounds to start building a caring society.

The Concept of the event

For the Marseille encounter, we plan to integrate an open space concept with a convergence of ideas and actions.

The open space approach, used in events like social forums, encourages participants to self-organize activities such as debates and workshops.

Meanwhile, the convergence aspect involves connecting organizations and movements to address various thematic challenges, facilitated through “containers” that encourage unity and transversality.

The event will culminate in assemblies to summarize key demands and outline joint actions for the upcoming months.

Manifesto for an inclusive event

Our associations, collectives, and movements uphold principles of social and ecological justice, solidarity, and equality. Yet, our organisations and spaces are not exempt from the power dynamics that permeat society as a whole. The fight for a more just, inclusive and equal society must be reflected daily within our organizations and spaces. Key activists events, such as ECSA encounters, so vital in strengthening our common struggles, must be spaces of political trust and mutual respect. This requires conscious and active work, both individually and collectively, to reflect on one’s own social position and to be mindful of oppressive dynamics.

Go to the Marseille encounters

Join the event in Marseille by registering on our website to help organise the event and receive updates on activities. A voluntary financial contribution of €30 or more is suggested to support the event. Encourage car pooling to reduce your carbon footprint. For families, free childcare is available for children aged 3 to 12, run by the Meinado café. As far as accommodation is concerned, we will provide you with a list of nearby hotels and encourage shared accommodation solutions to avoid the negative impact of AirBnB on local rents.

Participate and help for the Marseille encounters

Register your organisation

You can register your organisation to receive more information or to join a working group. Several working groups have been set up to prepare for the Marseille event. These include the containers group, to work on the content of the debates, as well as more specialised groups on cultural activities, communications, social networks or the website. 

Be a volunteer

Major activist events like the one in Marseille require a lot of volunteer work, to welcome activists from all over Europe, help set up the rooms, explain how translation works in different languages or run a refreshment stall.

To do this, we’ll need lots of volunteers, so don’t hesitate to sign up.

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